Specialising in: Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat

We also specialise on Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat.

A lot of garages will mess you around with these cars, they reason that they aren’t the premium cars and they don’t need the same sort of service as other cars do. We disagree.

The boundary of what a premium car is, is blurred these days, some of these are in fact premium, the newer ones need good service and want to be looked after properly! We even take excellent care of  the older models, realising that everyone cares about their own car. Each and every car is special to their owner, we at DBs realise this and we look at the car through the owners eyes making sure that we treat each car as we would our own.

These three makes we know well, meaning that the process of fixing or servicing them is quick and easy. We know each of their quirks and oddities and can diagnose a problem very quickly ensuring that all fixes are done properly and for an excellent price.

So if you have these or any other cars that need a service or anything doing to them then bring them down and we’ll be happy to have a look!